GAPS Diet, Day 78

Carrot mango juice this morning, followed by a breakfast of leftover hamburger stew, with olive oil and a couple spoonfuls of yogurt. I’m trying to give cheese a bit of a rest while I re-introduce yogurt so as not to overload my stomach with dairy (and so as to conserve cheese).

Lunch was more hamburger stew, with sauerkraut and olive oil this time.

Colton not only got caught up on all the dirty dishes that needed to be washed over the weekend, but took the laundry with him again this week. (While Colton has often done laundry for me just to give me more chance to rest, we also currently have a system where money we save by his doing laundry at the office goes to his fund to buy Guild Wars 2. This system works out well for both of us and our budget simultaneously.)

So I had a fairly light afternoon, which is good because I’m having yet another tired day… I *think* it’s still just effects of having a cold, but I miss the energy I was just starting to get back. On the other hand, even on a tired day I was able to stay caught up on dishes, tidy up, clean the bathroom, and make supper without feeling *quite* dead afterwards. This is still progress I think.

I read that peppermint oil applied over the thyroid can help with fatigue, and since peppermint oil was on the list of oils that might help low thyroid function I figured it was a worth a try so I started that today.

Supper was chicken with a reduced-stock sauce containing butter, tomato, onion, garlic, rosemary and basil. I added some olive oil to mine.

I was still at 4 1/2 probiotic capsules today and actually remembered to take my cod liver oil and omega oils. Getting back to T Tapp, even irregularly seems to have reactivated my constant sore muscle problem, but other than tiredness, I don’t seem to have any prominent cold/detox symptoms.


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