GAPS Diet, Day 79

This morning I was tired again. As in, I slept through the alarm. As in, my husband starting worrying about me and convince me to take a sick day again. Except…

Except that there was one thing I couldn’t reasonably skip doing today, and that was pick up my thyroid prescription refill. And I had a whole grand scheme connected to picking up my thyroid refill, connected to a $25 gift card for transferring prescriptions to Walgreens, their new ┬áBalance Rewards points system, some concurrent Register Reward deals and a few coupons.

By the time I got my juice (carrot mango, as usual) and got out to Walgreens I was feeling somewhat better, and a really good couponing session rejuvenated me somewhat. (There were snags of course, as there always are when couponing, but the worst that happened was missing out on a $1 moneymaker, and everything else got straightened out fine.)

I got home, got my breakfast a bit late despite being hungry (it was a draggy, unmotivated sort of morning). I ate hamburger stew, with a bit of cheese this time. I know I said I was trying to cut back on the cheese, but it was my fifth meal of hamburger stew in three days, so I think a bit of cheese was a reasonable addition. I also added yogurt and olive oil.

Lunch was leftover chicken and tomato onion sauce from yesterday, except I really wasn’t very hungry. I did eat a bit of sauerkraut and olive oil with my small serving of lunch.

Despite feeling sort of better, I decided I should take an easy day at least, because yesterday I pushed through being tired, and ended up suddenly realizing how very tired I was, and how much my legs hurt. It took a couple applications of lavender, some valor oil, and a heating pad before my hip stopped hurting so I could sleep. Not wanting a repeat of that, I tried to nap, and couldn’t sleep, but kind of dozed and zoned for about an hour, a definite sign that I needed the rest.

After my non-nap I was totally lacking in focus, and oddly enough, this meant I didn’t ever decide to do anything really relaxing and ended up meal planning for our upcoming vacation/staycation. (I’m even beginning to think that I can put together fun and easy to reheat GAPS freezer meals for our staycation.)

For supper I made zucchini pizzas. (Here’s a real world math problem: how many weeks a row can I make zucchini pizzas before my husband gets tired of eating them?) I used my (fairly) standard ingredients: tomato paste and chicken stock, garlic and onion powder, oregano, basil, parsley, ground turkey, chopped onion and cheddar cheese. I ate mine with yogurt and olive oil.

My stomach has not had any noticeable reaction to the yogurt, even as I’ve begun to increase the amount. I have had, not quite a sore stomach, but the occasional feeling that was a step or two below ‘happy tummy’, but it seems to overall actually be moving in the ‘happy tummy’ direction, so I’m not too concerned. Perhaps my little potato adventure just took longer to recover from than I allowed for or some such thing.

I have beans fermenting which will be ready to cook by Friday. Hopefully they ferment well this time so I can introduce beans, after which (assuming all goes well) I will try introducing potato again, but veeeerrrrry sllloooooowwwwlllly this time.