GAPS Diet, Day 80

So, um, I made it to day 80 on GAPS (with just a minor two day detour into potatoland). Yay…

Sorry, I’m not feeling energetic enough to be very excited today I guess. I’m definitely either sick or going through another big die-off phase. I’m rooting for die-off, because that would be a step toward feeling better instead of just fighting off new bacteria, but I’m not really sure which is more likely. So far my die-off phases have come with headaches, but it seems plausible to me that symptoms would shift as some kinds of bacteria get dealt with and others come to light after getting the first batch out of the way.

Today I had carrot mango juice before breakfast, leftover chicken/tomato/onion stuff for breakfast and leftover hamburger stew for lunch, both with sauerkraut and olive oil.

Colton took the afternoon off so I could completely crash today, which I did. Hopefully I feel better again in a few days. Otherwise I’ll have to pare back my to-do list to survival mode again… Sigh.

Since yogurt has been going fine this time, I decided to try introducing raw milk today while I’m waiting for my beans to ferment. (Raw milk is allowed on GAPS, once you’ve introduced other allowed dairy without symptoms, because it has lots of good enzymes to help your body break down the hard to digest proteins and sugars.) A shotglass full of milk hasn’t produced any obvious ill effects yet.

Supper was leftover zucchini pizza ingredients from last night, (also I snitched some chedar while I was making them) made into more zucchini pizzas, with yogurt cheese (aka greek yogurt aka strained yogurt–but doesn’t yogurt cheese sound most appetizing with zucchini pizza?) and olive oil.