GAPS Diet, Day 81

I’m getting very tired of being sick. I like the theory that it’s die-off rather than anything else, but whatever it is, I hope it ends soon.

This morning I made my carrot mango juice, and did pretty much nothing else all day. (Well, you know, did some meal prep, did a little research, but not *doing* anything.)

Breakfast was leftover zucchini pizza with yogurt cheese and olive oil.

For lunch I made a chicken soup with fresh tomato, onion and some sweet ‘banana’ peppers. (They were labeled as banana peppers when I bought them, but since there were clearly at least two different kinds of peppers once they finished ripening, I’m skeptical that they were all actually banana peppers). I ate it with sauerkraut and olive oil.

I drank about a third of a mug of milk in the afternoon.

Supper was salmon ‘patties’ but since they don’t hold together as well without egg it turned into a kind of salmon hash that was pretty good with avocado and yogurt cheese. My stomach felt a bit off before supper, making me unsure if I should eat or not, but it actually settled with food. I haven’t had any stomach pains at all, which has so far been the main sign of a food I shouldn’t eat, so I don’t *think* the milk is causing the upset. Colton’s stomach has been a bit off the last couple of days too, plus I’ve been sick for a while, so I suspect it’s just a mild side effect of whatever bug I have. (Or, um, of die-off if I don’t have a bug. So hard to keep all my theories straight.)

After supper I ate a GAPS brownie with about a half a mug of milk. It was a definite improvement to my day.


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