Adventure is out there!

Colton and I are both adventure people. Granted, Colton has a lot more tolerance and energy for big grand adventures than I do, but, on some level, if GAPS diet weren’t an adventure to slay the dragon and live happily every after (with more energy!) it would be even harder than it is.

And both of us can be idea people, but Colton is almost invariably the one who has the follow through and decisiveness to start the adventure. It’s a little disconcerting sometimes. I say ‘meteor shower this weekend’ and Colton’s setting the alarm for three the next morning. Saying anything in the car is particularly dangerous because my saying, ‘We should go see/do/eat (fill in the blank) sometime’ is immediately translated into ‘We should do that now!’ Once I mused about a movie I’d like to see again and we ended up buying a used copy of it in a video rental store about twenty minutes later.

Though, when I say dangerous and disconcerting, I really just mean awesome. 🙂 It’s just that my brain is still stuck back on, “Hang on, is this a good idea? Shouldn’t we plan this some more? Maybe schedule it in advance and mull it over for a while?” while Colton is putting the plan or sometimes even lack of plan, into action.

You’d think I’d be used to this by now. But no, on Wednesday night, when I said, “We should buy Dutch Blitz sometime”,  I thought this just meant I’d add it to an Amazon order sometime in the next couple of weeks if we had the extra money at the time. Colton immediately grasped the idea that Dutch Blitz was fun, and we should play it as soon as possible. The only hesitation was over whether we could put together a Dutch Blitz replica with playing cards or should call John and Whitney to borrow their copy.

After discovering that one of the decks of cards we’d need to play the game was actually a pinochle deck (which looks a lot like a bewilderingly weird deck of cards at first glance, especially if you’ve never played pinochle, which I haven’t), Colton decided that borrowing Dutch Blitz at nine o clock at night was the way to go.

I would have still been back at wondering if this was a good idea, but I started to get caught up in the crazy adventure vibe, and headed out with Colton, barefoot and backpackless, to borrow Dutch Blitz. I didn’t even take my water bottle.

And then somehow this whole only slightly crazy plan turned into a spontaneous party of four player Dutch Blitz where we stayed up too late and I lost badly, as usual.

Bilbo Baggins might have had to step all the way outside his front door to get swept off into an adventure, but around here, adventures seem to lurk in corners and around furniture just waiting to pounce as soon as I say, “You know, sometime we should…”

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