GAPS Diet, Day 82

Last night my hand slipped while sprinkling probiotic from the capsule onto my food, and I got about the equivalent about five capsules instead of 4 1/2. I got a die-off headache pretty quickly and it hasn’t got away since.

Other than that, I feel better today than I have this past week. Still tired, and just a bit lightheaded when I get up, after sitting and lying down most of the week, but I did get just a little bit done this afternoon, and now have hopes that next week will actually be productive.

This morning I had carrot mango juice, as usual, and leftover salmon’hash’ for breakfast,with yogurt cheese, avocado and olive oil.

Lunch was chicken soup with yougut and olive oil.

This afternoon I got some of the dirty dishes washed and a little tidying up and Sunday prep work done.

Supper was roast basil garlic chicken legs and roasted carrots. I forgot to eat a probiotic food with it, but I did put several drops of olive oil on it. My table bottle of olive oil needs a refill…

I considered just going with my mistake of yesterday and upping my probiotic dose to 5 capsules, but as Colton pointed out, I’ve already been sick for a week and I don’t really want to prolong that any more than necessary. So, I’m still at 4 1/2 capsuled for today, and I’ll up it to 4 3/4 capsules once I’m feeling better.

I tried cooking my fermented beans today. I was pleased to note that they smelled sour and yogurty this time instead of sharply repulsive. I was not so pleased that after 8 hours of cooking they were still hard. Apparently fermented beans are just not my forte. Ordinarily I’d be okay with this, but for trying to proceed in the GAPS diet it’s just not helpful. If I can’t get them to cook to at least an edible stage, I’ll probably just do a normal overnight soak (or even extend it to 24-36 hours) and introduce them that way…

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