GAPS Diet, Day 83

Last night after I posted my gaps report for the day I got hungry again. I think I’m craving starches again, and even specifically sugars to some extent. I ate half a mango, which made me feel a lot better, and then introduced my fermented navy beans. I took a largish spoonful of cold beans, mixed in some yogurt, salt and garlic and called it bean salad.

This morning I skipped my juice and went with smoothie for breakfast as a juice substitute. My smoothie of choice this ¬†morning: banana peach mango, with real cow’s milk, hold the sauerkraut.

As usual for a Saturday my meal schedule was a bit off. I ate a drumstick and a few leftover roasted carrots about lunchtime. A couple hours later I ate chicken thigh with some sauerkraut and a smallish normal sized serving of beans (reaheated in butter–yum).

This afternoon I started scrounging for some new idea to feed my sugar craving with GAPS legal foods I have available. I made some raisin syrup, which was a good start, but I still had to figure out what to do with it. Mixing it with coconut butter and extra cinnamon produced an apple butter colored substance that would have been marvelous spread on toast or pancakes, but I didn’t have either of those. Next I tried mixing the raisin syrup with milk, adding a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Raisin milkshake! Disturbingly enough, it hit the spot. (I have to get off this diet… It’s doing strange things to me…)

After the raisin ‘milkshake’ I ate some cheddar cheese for protein to balance out the sweetness.

I had a late supper of ground beef with cheddar cheese and raw tomato slices.

Echoes and Arias

I’ve discovered that I like mediocre 80s movies. I’m not quite willing to call them *bad* 80s movies, because the feel that genre evokes is a bit more so than most of the movies I actually like. And technically, most of them were actually made in the early 90s (such as Kindergarten Cop and Speed), but that doesn’t change the fact that in genre they are are 80s movies.

I’ve always liked these movies, but I’ve just recently discovered that they are all, in fact, mediocre 80s movies. I can see now the pervasive bad hair, the ugly sweaters, and the horror of the inexplicable pastel-potato-sack-with-tights look. I’m even willing to admit that some of the acting is a bit stiff.

But somehow, it doesn’t really matter. Even badly dressed and occasionally awkward people have a story.¬†The echoes of The Story that reverberate through the cheap sets are enough to pull me in. Interestingly, neither Speed nor Kindergarten Cop starts with ‘boy meets girl’. They start with ‘boy fights bad guy’ and along the way move to ‘boy will move heaven and earth to save girl *and* defeat bad guy’. It’s not quite The Great Romance, but it sure does sound a little like it, doesn’t it?

And really, I hardly feel I can blame them for being faint echoes. Some days I have bad hair and flub my lines too.

But I firmly believe that God can take my little echo and turn it into a beautiful aria. Slowly, we may someday all move past the 80’s movie stage to make better echoes of The Story in our lives and our art. But in the meantime… I’ll listen for the echoes I can hear now, and imagine the symphony it all turns into in the end.