GAPS Diet, Days 84 & 85

Early Sunday morning I woke up and noticed some discomfort in my stomach. It gradually got worse until I was convinced that I was about to come down with the stomach flu, and any second was going to have to bolt for the bathroom. Then it gradually subsided to a vaguely sensitive stomach and seemed to be fine by the time I got up.

I had my carrot mango juice and had beef and beans for breakfast–heated in butter, with extra salt and garlic, with yogurt and olive oil on top. Yummy!

I had a little bit of coffee with raw milk before church. (I’ve started bringing the coffee ‘fixings’ I need in a travel mug and just adding coffee when I get there. Works out well on those somewhat rushed mornings.)

I started off the morning feeling not so great, in a ‘I think I’ll just sit here on the floor for a few minutes before go through all the exertion of getting up again’ sort of way, but by the time church ended I was feeling pretty good. Not quite feeling amazing, but definitely a lot better than the week before.

For lunch I had chicken breast in tomato sauce, green beans and unsweetened applesauce–I didn’t even have to eat the soup I brought. I was pretty excited about that. ­čÖé

After lunch we headed over to Colton’s family’s place to hang out for the rest of the day with all the ‘usuals’ plus some friends who are back in town this week. I was really glad to be feeling better so as not to miss it!

In the afternoon I had some peach wine and tried eating some in-the-shell peanuts. (I shelled them before eating.) This is gaps no-no, to eat peanuts that haven’t been properly soaked, but I thought it was worth a try, especially since I’m still wanting to come off GAPS soon. Unfortunately, the slightly sore stomach that lasted into today suggests that I should stop ‘trying’ things and stick with the program.

Supper was turkey, green beans sauteed with onions in butter, crockpot-roasted carrots (with butter, of course). I ate just a couple bites of watermelon after supper.

A couple hours later I was hungry again (oddly) and snacked on some bits of leftover turkey and a little asiago cheese (it would appear that I approve of asiago cheese).

By the time we got home I wasn’t sure if I was hungry or not, so I had a glass of milk before bed.

This morning, I woke up starving. I hadn’t washed the juicer the day before, and didn’t have enough time to wash it first thing and get Colton off to work in time, so I had some peppermint tea with the very last of our honey. By the time I talked myself into getting back up and washing the juicer I was starving again, and trying not to have a bad attitude about the whole day, GAPS diet food in general and Lyme disease. (Who knew it was even possible to have a bad attitude on first-sweater-of-the-season day? I love that there’s a bit of chill in the air now…)

I did eventually get my carrot mango juice, and then debated doing T Tapp. I hate to skip exercising if I can possibly feel well enough to do it, and T Tapp has the distinction of being the longest running (no pun intended) exercise program of my life. But… Well, it hurts. It really shouldn’t, and I’m not sure why it does, but I suspect that some combination of the type of exercise and the effect that Lyme disease has on my muscles causes long term soreness (at both 5x and 3x a week intervals).

So, I took a walk this morning. I’m not ready to ditch the T Tapp, but it’s getting so hard to talk myself into something that hurts while I’m doing it, makes me permanently sore to the touch, and wears me out. I had a lovely 3/4 of the mile (30 minute) walk along the trails instead.

For breakfast I had hamburger stew with sauerkraut, but once it came to actually eating food my stomach informed me rather quickly that it was done, and why was I trying to force this food down it’s throat (so to speak) anyway. (It was a difficult food day…)

Lunch was hamburger meat mixed with navy beans (which are white, not navy) and green beans (which are in fact, green). I ate mine with yogurt and olive oil and by this time I was starving again. Go figure.

The afternoon was mostly devoted to food planning for the next couple of weeks, especially for our staycation (yay, staycation!). I have some splurge food planned for that, such as GAPS legal hot dogs (I don’t even want to think about how much they cost per pound, but when you figure it as instead of restaurant meal we’d probably do for vacation if I wasn’t on GAPS…) and chicken wings.

I snacked a few times over the afternoon–I tried adding raisin butter (a mix of raisin syrup and coconut butter) to some yogurt, but it wasn’t quite sweet enough, so I added extra raisin syrup and coconut oil and another dash of cinnamon. The result was surprisingly not bad. Later I ate a spoonful of raisin butter and one of coconut butter. Eventually I realized that eating so much coconut oil was probably not going to stop the ongoing feeling of needing more food (since it tends noticeably increase metabolism)…

Though apparently the metabolism effect was only partial because I crashed for a nap instead of doing dishes. (Unfortunately, I also couldn’t sleep.)

Supper was a white chicken chili. I forgot to thaw out chicken stock at the right time, so it was just cooked in water. GAPS fail. I did a partial blend of it with the immersion blender so the beans themselves formed nice thick soup base with no dairy needed, but there were still unblended beans recognizable in the soup. I made a mango salsa to go with it, and ate it with cheddar cheese and yogurt (and olive oil).

After a couple bowls of bean soup I finally felt full. ­čÖé

I’m still at 4 1/2 capsules of probiotic, and I remembered to take my cod liver and omega oils today. The last few days I’ve (somewhat sporadically) been making an effort to go back to decompressing my neck regularly, and am combining that with application of valor oil. This morning I also starting trying peppermint oil over my thyroid again (the book said cut it 50/50 with a dilution oil–I just put a couple drops of peppermint on my fingers, followed by a couple drops of grapeseed oil).

Tomorrow is shopping day. Hopefully I’m feeling a bit less sleepy for it…