GAPS Diet, Days 86 &87

Tuesday morning I had everything all set up to get out the door as soon as possible to start my shopping. It even mostly worked. I had my carrot mango juice and got out the door before 8:30. Since Colton leaves for work at about ten to eight, this isn’t a bad lag time for me. 🙂

I did all (okay, technically most) of the shopping I needed to do for the next three weeks, including vacation. (I just have to go pick up some last minute vegetables next week.) I also used my $5 off $15 purchase coupon on Bed, Bath and Beyond to get an apple peeler/corer/slicer gadget for $16 including tax, and stopped at Walgreens to spend my Register Rewards and then forgot to use them at checkout (though I did get chocolate for Colton to eat on vacation, almonds for me to make grain-free granola with).

I ate a couple handfuls of almonds around ten.

I got home just barely in time to fix lunch for Colton and I and found out that Colton had to work through lunch again. This meant less time pressure, but also meant that I really couldn’t wait for Colton to carry up the cooler and other perishable groceries for me. 🙂 (I did leave the 30 pounds of onions and assorted dry groceries for him to carry in the evening though.)

For lunch I warmed up the leftover bean soup, and added a dollop of chicken juices and fat I’d saved from last time I roasted chicken legs. This turned out to be a really good addition, and with the pureed beans, actually kind of reminded me of KFC gravy (odd as that may sound…). I also put yogurt (and I think olive oil) on top.

After lunch I had to finish putting away some groceries from the cooler, but was really tired after my big errand trip, so I laid down for a nap as soon as I could stop myself from tiredly puttering around doing nothing. I slept for three hours. Apparently I really needed the nap…

Unfortunately, this means that by the time I dragged myself out of bed it was 4:30 and time for Colton to be getting home and us to be leaving for dinner at a friends house. And since we were taking frozen pizza for dinner, I was supposed to have made some kind of GAPS pizza for me already. I ditched the idea of trying cauliflower crust pizza, and threw together zucchini pizzas in time for us to leave by 5 and be ‘not late’ if not exactly early either.

I took my probiotic capsule with me, but forgot to take them with supper, so I took them when we got home.

We had a fun time playing games and eating various versions of pizza, and while I still got tired (even after a three hour nap!) I didn’t get exhausted or have to leave early (yay!).

As you might imagine, after a day spent almost entirely out of the house or sleeping, this morning was not nearly so organized. Colton let me sleep in, so by the time I got up I really only had time to make juice, make breakfast, take my detox bath (I’d missed several days already) and do my new essential oils routine (adding Thieves on a sore spot near my heel that may or may not be the reflexology spot for small intestines) before breaking my leisurely pace to brush my hair, warm up lunch, wash the juicer and make the house slightly presentable (though not really clean) so Colton could bring a guest home for lunch.

I added spinach to my juice this morning–quite a lot in fact, considering I’m rationing my carrots until the next Azure Standard order comes in and the mangoes at Aldi were small this time. Still good, but… extra spinachy…

Breakfast was leftover hamburger stew, with olive oil and yogurt. I also had a spoonful of raisin butter, and remembered to take my omega oil and cod liver oil. (Yay!)

Lunch was leftover green beans and onions mixed with ground beef, leftover carrots and a leftover zucchini pizza (with yogurt and olive oil).

This afternoon I did laundry, and Toby and Moriah came over and washed some dishes and cleaned my bathroom for me while I tidied up the bedroom, and between us we put away a few groceries. (There are however, still about 15 pounds of onions sitting in my living room. They don’t all fit in my normal onion basket, but, they were on sale at Aldi, and I don’t turn down food for 23 cents a pound except under drastic circumstances.)

I started over again at introducing potatoes for supper. I made baked potatoes, and while Colton ate his with meat and sauteed onions and (orange) peppers on top, I ate my meat and veggies as the main dish. I also ate half a golf ball sized potato with lots of butter and some yogurt cheese (which happened to be off the top half of the jar, so it had lots of ‘sour cream’ in it).

I increased my probiotic to 4 3/4 capsules today. I plan to continue eating potato at about the same daily amount for at least a few days, and then increase it more gradually this time. Hopefully if I take it that slowly it will actually work this time…

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