GAPS Diet, Day 88

Last night before I went to bed I got hungry again (metabolism going up being on thyroid meds, maybe?) and made a raisin ‘milkshake’ of raisin syrup in milk.

This morning I had spinach carrot mango juice again, a little lighter on the spinach this time. Breakfast was leftover leftovers from lunch yesterday: green beans with ground beef, carrots and a zucchini pizza, eaten with yogurt cheese and olive oil, and plenty of butter and meat grease intrinsic in the various dishes.

Lunch was leftover sauteed onion and orange pepper with meat. Once again Colton ate his on baked potato, and I ate the other half of my golf ball sized potato, with plenty of butter and yogurt cheese.

It was a crashing kind of day again. I did get some laundry folded, and started reading a book that has been recommended to me many times, most recently by Colton. (Supper of the Lamb–at 15 pages in I can already tell it’s going to be really good read.) I’m really hoping to feel better by tomorrow so I can get through cooking ahead for our vacation in time to do last minute shopping and packing for vacation early next week.

This afternoon I got a bit hungry and ate some raisin butter and made a version of GAPS hot cocoa. I’ve done a no-sweetener hot cocoa before when I was on extended no-sugar diets, so I thought it was worth a try again, and this time I have a milk frother, which makes everything better! (Well, beverages at least. The ones that froth. ┬áNot like lemonade or something.) I heated it very slowly to lukewarm so as not to destroy those raw milk enzymes and make it GAPS illegal. It turned out pretty well, but I used a little too much cocoa powder for not having any sweetener to balance out the bitterness. I’ll have to try it again and tweak it.

This afternoon I also developed an odd neck pain. The muscles down the front of my neck and throat are sore. The soreness seems to come in waves, and at the worst it’s painful to have to hold my head up. Then the pain recedes again and it’s only vaguely painful to move my head around, sit up, etc. I tried to research this, but only came up with one match, on a multiple sclerosis message board, and with no cause or explanation attached. Hopefully it’s just a muscle that I somehow accidentally strained, but it’s hard not to freak out just little bit about ┬ástrange unexplained neck pains…

Supper was mackerel ‘patties’–mine on a spinach salad with yogurt cheese (made into a sort of dressing with salt, garlic, basil and olive oil) and Colton’s as a sandwich. (Mackerel is the new salmon, so to speak)

After getting home from frisbee I had a few sips of rum, in hopes of getting my neck muscles to relax, and NOT waking up in the middle of the night unable to move my head, or any similar problems.

On the bright side, my second day of potatoes seemed to go fine for my stomach.