GAPS Diet, Day 89, 90 & 91

Friday started, as usual, with spinach carrot mango juice. Seeing as how I found organic spinach on manager’s special on my last shopping trip, it seemed like a good time to start paying more attention to my intake of leafy green vegetables.

I took a walk again, though shorter than my Monday walk–not sure what distance it was, but it took me about 20 minutes.

Breakfast was leftover hamburger stew with yogurt and olive oil. I added parmasan cheese–from a canister, but the only additive was cellulose, which is technically allowed in supplements, so I figured shouldn’t be a big deal for occasional use.

I didn’t strictly speaking get my rest time in Friday morning, but I did do desk work that really needed to get done so it wasn’t strenous.

Lunch was leftover mackerel not-patties, spinach salad (topped with yogurt cheese, olive oil and a sprinkle of salt), and fried potatoes. I upped my potato intake, not by too much, but to about half a cup of fried potato, maybe double my starting serving size. Third day eating potatoes with no bad stomach reaction. Yay! In fact, after lunch, I had that ‘happy tummy’ feeling I get when a meal sits particularly well.

That afternoon I knew I had a lot to get done, and while I was feeling okay (a big step up from early in the week), wasn’t particularly feeling energetic and raring to go. So, I invented the raisin latte (coffee, milk, raisin syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg) and started in on the cleaning I had to do to have space to get through my actual to do list. Once again, the coffee actually gave me a boost, which is cool.

Supper was unstuffed cabbage from the freezer, and it was one of those days when having a meal in the freezer came in really handy. I ate mine with yogurt cheese and more parmasan cheese out of the canister.

After supper was a surprise birthday party, where I ate a baby carrot, some banana, pear and nectarine, and a taste of watermelon. It was really nice having ‘fun’ fruits that I don’t normally get to eat, and because of that I didn’t particularly mind skipping the ice cream.

Much later that night, after the after party, I got hungry again and finished off the leftover salmon ‘hash’ and fried potatoes, along with a glass of milk.

Saturday was, as usual for Saturday, a kind of weird meal schedule day. I had juice (carrot spinach mango, I think), then hamburger stew with yogurt and parmesan for breakfast.

In the middle of the afternoon I had a small lunch of meat and potato with a bit of sauerkraut.

Supper was a somewhat impromptu visit to Colton’s family, and while the main dish contained eggs and grains and required a substitute of leftover beef and cheese, I was able to eat the potatoes (yay!) and of course the sauteed squash and red pepper. I also had a glass of milk with the meal. (I like dairy… I’m really glad I get to eat fruit and dairy again. And potatoes. Those are really good too.)

I increased my probiotic capsule dose to 5 capsules on Saturday.

Sunday morning my carrot rationing led me to make broccoli spinach mango juice, which honestly, was not all that great. I prefer my broccoli sauteed in butter with garlic, or cheese, or even both. Broccoli juice is less amazing.

I introduced agave on Sunday, in my coffee with raw milk. However both my coffee and my hamburger stew (with yogurt and olive oil) spilled on the way to church, leaving me with only a few sips of coffee and grease stains all over my dress.

Colton and I were both kind of tired, so we came home for lunch and ate the squash, onion and hamburger mixture I’d made for fellowship meal. It was was one of those cheap, simple gaps legal meals that turned out to taste amazingly good (especially after melting a stick over butter over the whole thing).

I got hungry in the late afternoon and in the course of a couple hours went from snacking on pineapple (I think I ate about 3/4 of pound) to eating more squash and meat mixture for supper.

I ate most of the rest of the pineapple later in the evening when I got hungry before bed. (Bromelain deficiency?)

I had a couple brief stomach pains during the day, but nothing prolonged, and possibly just gas pains or some such thing. I had no obvious reaction to increasing my probiotic to five capsules.

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