GAPS Diet, Day 93 (Coming Off GAPS)

This morning I had juice made out of zucchini, butternut squash, watermelon and mango. Odd as it may sound, it was pretty good.

Since I had to do some last minute errands to pick up perishables for our vacation (and a few things that were on sale for cheap) I was out all morning and didn’t breakfast at all. I did have a glass of milk before I left though.

For lunch I had leftover unstuffed cabbage with yogurt cheese and parmesan cheese. I also had a bite of mozzarella with my food. Mozzarella is exciting! I hope that goes well, partly because opening up cheese options is always good, and partly because it would bode well for dairy in general.

In the afternoon I got a bit peckish and made a smoothie. I discovered that (given a large enough glass) I can make smoothie with my immersion blender, which is much easier to clean than my blender pitcher. I made smoothie with banana and pineapple and a scoop of coconut butter and yogurt whey instead of milk. I also added a spoonful of agave after a few sips, deciding that while it was quite edible without sweetener, it was worth adding for the additional enjoyment factor.

Supper was ground beef with sauteed eggplant, spinach, tomato and garlic. I added a whole stick of butter to my skillet of meat and vegetables, and as I’ve heard, the eggplant did an amazing job soaking up the fat. 🙂 I also added olive oil to my plate of food. (I skipped the probiotic food, partly because I didn’t feel like it, and partly because I had the whey earlier.)

I had a few twinges of stomach pain during the evening, but nothing prolonged enough to think the mozzarella is necessarily causing problems.

Later in the evening I snacked on pineapple, once again bringing my pineapple consumption for the day to almost an entire pineapple. (Colton’s had a cold the last couple of days I wonder if my body really needs vitamin C or bromelain or something to fight off the cold, and that’s why pineapple has been tasting so good.)

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