GAPS Diet, Day 94 (Coming Off GAPS)

(Wrote this last night and forgot to post it…)

This morning had an odd start, as I woke up with a sore throat and congestion, the main cold symptoms Colton had over the last couple of days. I put some Theives oil on my throat and went back to sleep for a couple hours, at which point the sore throat was gone and the congestion not gone, but lessened.

I had spinach zucchini pineapple juice, and then wasn’t really hungry for breakfast. I did eventually have the last of the leftover hamburger stew and didn’t really enjoy it that much. I drank some whey with agave with my food. Having just had (and not finished) breakfast I only had a couple bites of leftover meat and sauteed veggies for lunch.

I had a bunch of cooking to do in prep for vacation again, and started soaking millet so I can try introducing it early next week. I made pizza crust using cauliflower, flax seed and water (using this recipe and substituting flax eggs ala these directions for the egg–I was impressed with the eggy consistency of the flax). I made an eggless ‘mayonnaise’ by substituting grapeseed oil for the olive oil in this recipe and and leaving out the garlic. (It does taste like avocado, but since I like avocado that’s not a problem for me…) I made lacto-fermented ketchup, substituting agave for the honey.

Our vacation starts tomorrow, and I won’t be documenting my food in detail during that time (trying to get the hang of this ‘relaxing’ idea I hear about…), but the general idea is I’ll be trying avoid any food I haven’t properly introduced yet, but I’ll be a bit less strict about things like including olive oil with every meal. I’ve ordered some gaps legal hot dogs, made some gaps pizza ahead for the freezer, along with gaps legal ‘pizza’ stuffed mushrooms, chicken wings with gaps legal sauces and zucchini casserole. I’m planning to make a gaps legal cheese fondue with roasted vegetables to dip in it, and make chicken salad and tuna salad which I will eat on lettuce leaves. (The tuna does possibly have soy broth in it, but at this point it didn’t seem like a huge deal, especially since my omega oil also has soy in it.)

For supper we had meat with sauted green and yellow peppers, mushrooms and eggplant (and butter). (It was really good.)

I think I miscounted my probioitics and accidentally increased to 6 capsules. No bad effects yet, but I’m going back to 5 for the duration of vacation so as not to spoil it with die off. 🙂

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