Day 107 of my GAPS journey…

I know I missed a lot of details by not posting about GAPS during my vacation last week, but it was so good to really take a break, not have to worry about getting *anything* done and have a bunch of food already cooked in the freezer. As usual, I overestimated how much food we needed, and as usual, this is not a problem, as we’re happy to continue eating vacation leftovers for a few more days. 🙂

GAPS highlights from vacation:

-I successfully introduced fermented millet! I cooked up a large (for one person) batch and then reheated it as necessary. It’s especially good reheated with lots of butter, garlic and cheddar.

-I had some uncertainty about whether mozzerella was okay on my stomach, and wasn’t consistent about trying it several days in a row, but I did a bit of a retest toward the end of vacation and it seemed to be fine.

-While over at someone else’s house I took a bit of a risk and ate  a pumpkin doughnut hole made with mostly almond flour but some tapioca starch and containing sugar (cane juice). I noticed no ill effects.

-I’ve eaten (organically cured) bacon twice now. Yay!

-I had one piece of sourdough bread while we were eating out, but my plans for getting sourdough starter this week fell through, so I had to put off continuing to introduce it until next week.

-I started introducing egg yolks this week. So far I’ve had some mild stomach symptoms, and a return of fatigue, so it’s possible this will *not* go well, but I’m still holding out some hope that it’s either just my body readjusting to egg after so long, or some other kind of of reaction. I’m really hoping to be able to eat eggs again on a permanent basis!

I took my probiotics (almost) consistently through vacation, though without any increases, so I’m still at five capsules. I missed most of my other supplement doses, because I can’t easily take my cod liver oil with Colton in the house, because he can’t stand the smell. 🙂 I inconsistently had olive oil and fermented foods with my meals–my stomach did start to feel a bit off a couple times during vacation and returned to normal pretty quickly if I made a point of including more fermented foods in the next meal.

Also, I discovered that it’s difficult and perhaps impossible to make cheese fondue that’s GAPS legal.

I’ll try to post more consistently from now on about the rest of the stages of coming off of GAPS…