Catching Up

I haven’t done a very good job continuing with gaps diet updates, or general life updates, or any kind of writing this week. Last week was the catching up from vacation week, and this week was actually a bit of catching up on projects I didn’t have energy for over the summer.

I don’t have massive amounts of energy to burn, but right now it is so amazing to be able to function like a more or less normal person that I occasionally have to re-rhapsodize on the subject.

I’ve been able to make more stops on my errand day, often in less time because I’m moving faster, thereby catching up on a few errands that were on backlog (I now have my very own car key again, making errand day simpler) and still being a bit less exhausted afterwards (errands are still about all I can get done in a day, but I’m only tired at the end instead of mostly dead).

We finally have curtains up in our living room, I vacuumed for the first time in months (to be clear, it was vacuumed a few times in that time span, just not by me).

Today I made allergy friendly desserts to take to a get together, prepped food for Sunday, set out a sourdough ‘sponge’ for sourdough pancakes tomorrow, set yogurt to ferment, and made cheese out of last week’s milk. Not only was it good to be baking again, but I was lamenting the lack of time because I wanted to do more new and and interesting baking projects, which I think is also a sign of more energy.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t quite have the massive amounts of energy I’d really like to have yet. I still have to crash and rest after a few hours of running errands. Some mornings I wince to hear the alarm because I was thinking a couple more hours of sleep sounded really good.

But the first time in a long time I stayed caught up on dishes all week, did menu planning and shopping, all my other normal chores, and still had energy left for extra projects. For the first time in quite a while I had this odd feeling of not having any urgent projects left to work on. Sure, I had a ton of projects waiting the background that ‘needed’ to be done. But I had all my basics covered already, and I didn’t have to stress about heading out to my husband’s office early and reading for a few minutes while I waited for him to finish a meeting, or visiting with people for a few minutes after lunch instead of rushing back to catch up on dishes. I think I may have discovered a bit of the extra time people talk about having on their hands, and I have to say, I quite like it.