An Odd Sort of Week…

When I married Colton, it occurred to me that I was getting a whole lot of brothers (and a couple of sisters), but what didn’t occur to me at the time was that this would eventually mean *also* adding a whole lot of sisters (and a couple more brothers) to the final tally.

I’ve had an odd close up but far away perspective on the last couple of weeks, knowing a lot about what might be happening, but not getting to see most of it. I did get a preview of very dainty, sparkly ring, which was followed by a day of very normal housework and hours of not hearing any kind of update. I find this understandable, of course, I’m just saying it’s been… odd.

And of course, the whole adventure is bringing back memories of my courtship and engagement two years ago. Interesting blast from the past: on this date two years ago I was visiting Tennessee for the first time. I remember this trip including both stars and a fire that Colton and I were both looking at the same time in relatively close proximity to one another, but not, you know, *together*. Suffice it to say there are memories good, bad and simply frustrating that are being stirred up right now…

On the distinctly non-emo side of the scale, we do have that new sister aspect of the whole situation, which is pretty cool. There’s even a chance, I hear, that they’ll end up living in close proximity to us. I would vote for the close proximity option, which, really should outweigh any other inconveniences associated with it for them, right?

I guess the only way to end this post properly is to say: Congratulations Sam and Laura!

(I feel like should follow that up with a funny piece of advice, but the only one I can come up with is to smack people who say dumb things about marriage, so maybe I’ll just leave that off…)


One thought on “An Odd Sort of Week…

  1. reformedtngirl says:

    I love this! Thank you, Raquel!

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