Antibiotic Adventures

On Tuesday I picked up my antibiotic prescription. This was something of an adventure in itself, as the exact prescription the doctor called in came out to almost $900 and they had to call the doctor and ask if there was a cheaper substitute. Eek!

And this after several weeks of deciding and redeciding to go the antibiotic route at all. Lyme disease is hard to kill at all, and there are a lot of disagreements about what works and what doesn’t. I’m not normally a ‘just take antibiotics’ person, but in this case it seemed at least worth a try.

I suppose it’s not that surprising that the nervousness hit me on the drive home. I had an antibiotic prescription. I was one of those people. I would actually be starting a treatment that might or might not work. I had stepped on the path to being on long term antibiotics, and though I had and have every intention of stepping off again before it gets that far, I will have to decide at every crossroads whether it’s time to leave that path or not.

Wednesday morning I looked down at the surprisingly large and unnaturally blue capsule in hand. And then I swallowed it. And then I proceeded to feel nauseated for the next couple of hours while stubbornly refusing to throw up one of the pills that cost me nearly a $1 each (better than $15 each, but still…).

After reading the directions I tried drinking a much larger amount of water with my antibiotic this morning, and that knocked the reaction down to noticeable but bearable nausea.

I also instituted raw garlic as part of my diet today.

I was pleased that though my research suggests that straight garlic is not enough to kill of Lyme, raw garlic does break down the biofilms that make Lyme so hard to kill with antibiotics.  Not only does this increase the possibility of the antibiotics being effective, and getting rid of Lyme once and for all, but having garlic on my regimen restores some of my natural remedies cred. 🙂

So, my goal is three cloves of raw garlic a day. Today I did one clove with each meal (two with supper, because they were very small)–either just sprinkled on top of my food, or mixed with butter to make super garlic bread. I like garlic (a lot!) so this isn’t a problem for me, the only question is how long I can keep it up before Colton gets tired of me smelling like garlic.

My supplement plan is starting to get complicated, but it looks something like this, depending on the day:

thyroid pill first thing in the morning (ideally at least twenty minutes before breakfast),

breakfast with probiotic,red raspberry leaf capsules and selenium (and sporadically vitamin C, also probably raw garlic now),

fermented cod liver oil after Colton leaves for work (that gives time for the rotten fish smell to dissipate before anyone actually has to be around me) and omega oils at the same time,

coconut oil (coconut butter right now until I get more oil) around the same time or when I remember it,

antibiotic when I start to wash dishes in the morning, because if I’m running on schedule that puts it about half way between breakfast and lunch (first thing in the morning on a completely empty stomach is too hard on the stomach, but the further away from food it’s taken, the better it’s absorbed),

lunch with probiotic and raw garlic,

and supper with probiotic and raw garlic.

And after writing it all out, I suddenly understand why I feel like I’m going to forget to take something important… What I don’t understand is how I can be taking all that and not be feeling amazing all the time. 🙂

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