Take Two Truffles…

I’ve been taking coconut oil every morning for my thyroid. It seems to be doing something, too, as I’m getting hungry a lot more often. Oh, yeah, and have more energy to go along with that. It’s been pretty cool to function like a normal person this week–not like an energetic person, mind you, but like a normal, work through the afternoon without feeling dead by evening kind of person.

I started out just taking a spoonful of coconut oil every morning. The taste doesn’t bother me and it’s a no fuss, no hassle way to get in my dose of coconut oil. I discovered, however, that while coconut oil in food is perfectly fine with my stomach, eating a spoonful of plain coconut oil, even right after breakfast, causes some odd reflux problems.

The first alternative method is coconut oil in coffee. The coconut oil seems to make it extra creamy, and even just coffee makes the coconut oil more digestible for my stomach. So sometimes I start my day with a mug of decaf coffee, with a big dollop of coconut oil, a squirt of homemade, honey sweetened chocolate syrup and plenty of raw milk.

The problem with that is, unlike the average american, having coffee every single day doesn’t fit into my routine that well. Especially when I’m also trying to start drinking a blend of teas for my thryroid and apple cider vinegar every morning. (The apple cider vinegar started when I was trying to avoid getting sick, and it worked so well I didn’t want to stop, especially since it also gave me more energy.)

So, what, you may ask, is the ideal way to take coconut oil every morning?


Really, what could be better than improving your health by eating a truffles every morning? Other than maybe improving your health by eating two truffles every morning…

I roughly followed this recipe, but simplified it and increased the ratio of coconut oil to other ingredients by just using 1 cup cocoa powder, 1/2 cup coconut oil and 1/4 cup honey.

The bowl of truffle mixture sat in my fridge for several days before I got around to rolling them into truffles. Until then, I just took a big spoonful every morning and whenever I needed an energy boosting snack. They were very messy when I actually went to roll them, but I have to say, even more convenient to eat once they were trufflized.

I may want to try cinnamon truffles next (using coconut oil), or even combine the two recipes.

This morning I’ve been trying all the home remedies I can think of to try to continue warding off the sicknesses that are going around. Last night I started to come down with a sore throat, and Colton sent me to bed and made up some sore throat spray for me. This morning the sore throat is gone but I’m really tired, like my body is fighting something off. After vitamin C, cod liver oil, and apple cider vinegar I started going through the rest of my normal list of home remedies. And then I thought: truffles.

Coconut oil and honey are both antibacterial and antifungal, right? And while the cocoa isn’t as amazing as amazing as raw cacoa would be, it seems to still be generally pretty good for you.

So this morning I’m taking it easy and nibbling on truffles to keep from getting sick. (But I draw the line at watching soap operas…)

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