Cranberry Sunflower Seed Chocolate Bars

If, like me, you’re looking for more ways to get sprouted sunflower seeds and coconut oil into your diet, you’ll like this post. The rest of you can move on and ignore it. You know, if you hate eating chocolate…

I based this recipe on Three Ingredient Chocolate Bars, but modified it to use turbinado sugar because I’m slightly skeptical of stevia and good raw honey is stinking expensive.

I used sunflower seeds that were halfway between soaked and sprouted. I’ve found that if I soak them is saltwater overnight, drain them and stick them in the fridge, they very slowly sprout with no further attention needed.

For the mixing coconut oil and sugar stage my actual process looked more like, “Try to mix turbinado sugar with coconut oil. Try harder. Leave it for a while and see if turbinado dissolves in oil. Discover that it just doesn’t. Try heating it again. Finally try adding a splash of water and declare the odd, gloopy almost mixed substance a success.” You get the modified version below, and once you mix in the cocoa powder everything blends together just fine.


Cranberry Sunflower Seed Chocolate Bars

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup turbinado sugar, slightly heaping unless you like very dark chocolate

1 TBSP water

1 cup +2 TBSP cocoa powder (I used raw cocao powder)

2/3 cup dried cranberries

2/3 cup soaked sunflower seeds

Sprinkle cranberries and sunflower seeds across the bottom of an 8×8 pan. (I didn’t actually measure them, just used enough to almost cover the entire bottom of the pan.)

Melt coconut oil in medium saucepan. Remove from heat and mix in sugar and water. Return to heat if necessary get sugar to dissolve. It doesn’t have to mix neatly, but if you still have granules your chocolate will be grainy.

Mix in cocoa powder.

Pour chocolate mixture evenly over cranberries and sunflower seeds, smoothing slightly if necessary.

Freeze for 15-30 minutes.

Remove from freezer and let soften slightly before cutting. (Or I suppose you could just take it out before it gets really hard and cut it then, if you’re an organized person like that.)

Makes 15 ‘fun sized’ bars.