Juice Fast, Day 1

Breakfast+Morning snack: spinach ($2, farmer’s market), cucumber (.50, Kroger), organic celery (1/2 a $2.50 bunch, Kroger), parsley (maybe 1/5 of a $1.69 bunch, Kroger, I used most, but not quite all of the parsley pictured), organic apple (1/4 of a $5 bag, Kroger), canteloupe (1/2 a $1.49 melon, Aldi), lemon juice ($1.89 a bottle, Aldi) and mango (.49, Aldi, not pictured, because I added it to the second half of the juice when it tasted light on the fruit)


Result, about 6 1/2 cups of juice from the produce, plus another 1/2 cup of bottled lemon juice. Cost of about $7.


Colton said it tasted healthy, but not bad. I liked it, though it had a lot of green flavor, and was a little light on the fruit.

As when I was doing morning  juice on GAPS, my original glass of juice of was very filling and I suddenly got very hungry mid morning. After having another pint of juice I was afraid I was just going to feel very hungry all the way until lunch, but a glass of water made me feel completely full again. Colton and I both had a bit of low blood sugar brain fog, but not nearly as bad as with normal fasting.

Lunch+Afternoon Snack: carrots (maybe 1/6 of a $33 25lb bag, Azure Standard–I used most of the carrots in the picture, but there were about 14 left. Also, I could have gotten these cheaper at the ‘snooty Kroger’ on N Knoxville.), pineapple ($1.19, Aldi), beet (maybe 1/6 of a $12 5lb bag, Azure Standard), mangoes (.49, Aldi)


Result about 8 1/2 cups of juice. Cost of about $9.


This was our favorite juice of the day. The beets and carrots gave it some earthy undertones of flavor, but there were plenty of sweet and tart notes also, and overall the beet flavor was pretty well hidden in this combination.

I only needed a half pint of juice for an afternoon snack, and Colton didn’t need any juice at all between lunch and supper.

As far as energy goes, it’s a hard to describe what it feels like to be on a juice fast. The closest I can get is to say that I feel like my body has plenty of energy, but it’s all being directed to the cellular level for repairs, and none if it is actually at my discretionary use.

Supper: sweet potato (.59 each, Aldi), cranberries (maybe 1/2 lb of 10 lb for $12–I used about half the cranberries in this picture), orange (1/2 a 4lb bag for $4, lemon($1.89 bottle, Aldi), ginger, cinnamon


Result about 3 1/3 cups of juice, plus another 1/3 cup of bottled lemon juice. Cost of about $4.


This juice was very heavy on the orange. I kept the ginger and cinnamon low key, which I think was a good thing, but also meant they didn’t help tone down the orange much. It wasn’t bad, but it was noticeably acidic on my empty stomach. If I were to make this juice again I’d use more sweet potato and less orange.

I got through most of the day without missing food at all, but after supper Colton and I both started thinking that real food sounded really good. Tomorrow we’ll probably add in some coconut water for more variety, and I may cave just enough to make myself a cup of herbal tea.

Also, between supper and bedtime I drank about half that leftover juice that I didn’t drink for an afternoon snack. That means altogether Colton drank just under 2 quarts of juice today and I drank 2 1/2 quarts of juice. Since I’d tried to allow for enough produce to let us each drink up to 3 quarts of juice a day, that means we’re on track to have more than enough produce to finish out the four days.


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