Starting a Juice Fast

So, Colton and I started a juice fast today. I’m blogging about it mostly because I wanted to take pictures of all my pretty produce and juices and then I thought I might as well post the pictures on the internet since I’d taken them. I’m also documenting some things like amount of juice we got from our produce and how much juice we drank, just because this is the kind of information I really wanted to find somewhere on the internet while planning, and only found in small, spotty doses.

I was trying to do a juice fast as inexpensively as possible (though that still doesn’t mean juice fasting is even close to cheap…) while not sacrificing the healthiness, which is, after all, the main point. This means I used some organic produce (anything from the dirty dozen list, plus organic carrots, because they’re still relatively inexpensive when you go organic) and some conventional produce that was on sale at Aldi. I bought bottled lemon juice instead of fresh lemons. I planned juices where the bulk of the juice would come from juicy and/or inexpensive ingredients, and threw in a sprinkling of slightly more expensive ingredients for more flavor variation.

I also went with a higher fruit to veggie ratio than is generally suggested by obnoxiously healthy people, because if we drank mostly veggie juice we might get through this juice fast, but we would never, ever consider doing it again. Just the way it is… Flavor=morale. (Which should mean you can defeat Cylons with fruit juice right?)

I didn’t have any great scientific plan for what types of fruits and veggies we should juice, but I did try to make sure we had a good range of colors, which generally means a good range of nutrients. I hit green, orange and yellow pretty solidly, with some red thrown in, so we’re only missing the blue range (which tends to be berries that expensive and pesticide ridden, or just even more expensive).

Also, I’m avoiding juicing any cruciferous veggies (cabbage, broccoli, kale, etc) because when raw they can have a dampening effect on the thyroid, and my thyroid is quite sufficiently dampened already, thank you very much.

The general plan is green based juice for breakfast (alternating between lettuce and spinach for the leafy greens) and carrot/beet based juice for lunch with some variety in supper juices, mostly based on recipes I found somewhere on the internet.

I have some hope that a four day juice fast will involve losing some weight, but I’m not convinced that even that will convince my low-thyroid, low metabolism system to let go of any extra fat. I figure either way a super nutrient boost is going to help my health to head in the right general direction somehow or other.


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