Juice Fast, Day 2

Breakfast: cucumber (.59, Kroger), organic celery (1/2 a $2.50 bunch, Kroger), organic parsley (maybe 1/5 of a $1.69 bunch, yesterday I said this was from Kroger, but this particular bunch was from the Fresh market where it’s the same price as the ‘snooty Kroger’ on N Knoxville, though cheaper than other area Krogers), organic leaf lettuce ($1.25, Kroger), oranges (about $1.40, Aldi), pineapple ($1.19, Aldi) plus lemon juice, not pictured (about 20 cents worth, Aldi)


Result about 6 1/2 cups of juice from the produce, plus a few tablespoons of lemon juice. Cost about $6.


This was a mild juice with lots of tart overtones. I’ve been using lemon in the morning  juice to help with getting rid of toxins, but I’m already starting to cut back on it for flavor reasons, and I might start skipping it entirely.

Colton didn’t quite finish his breakfast juice so I sipped his leftovers plus the juice that wouldn’t quite fit in the canning jars for most of the morning and never needed more of a morning snack than that.

Lunch: organic carrots (about $3, Azure Standard), mango (.49, Aldi), organic beet, (about $1, Azure Standard), organic cranberries (again I used about half what was in the picture, so maybe .50, Azure Standard)


Result about 3 cups of juice. Cost about $5.


Though I was very hungry shortly before lunch, by lunchtime I was barely hungry at all, and we had leftover juices building up, so I made a much smaller amount of juice than previously. It was also very good, with lots of mango flavor and a bit of tart from the cranberries and earthy undertones. I think beet/carrot based juices are quickly becoming our favorites.

My stomach was increasingly confused over the course of the afternoon, ranging quickly from very full to starving to kind of sick and back again for no apparent reason. I had a cup of dandelion root tea which was a bit of a nice change from juice, and is supposed to help cleanse the liver and gallbladder. I put in just a bit of honey and didn’t miss my normal large spoonful of honey at all. Just when I was hitting the stage of ‘I’m hungry and really tired of drinking juice and this is no fun at all’ I remembered coconut water and drank two small glasses of it. It tasted really good and evened out both my stomach and my mood again. I also had a cup of Good Earth tea (no sweetener) late in the afternoon, but no more juice.

Supper: leftovers

Who knew you could have leftover night on a juice fast?  We had just over two pints of leftover juice in the fridge between yesterday’s leftover lunch juice and this morning’s leftover breakfast juice, so we combined them for supper. I’d carefully filled canning jars almost to the brim when putting the juice away, so as to minimize oxidation as much as possible, but I still wanted to use it up as quickly as we could so as to make the most of the nutrition in the juice. Colton still has some juice in the fridge at the office for between meal snacking, but we managed to use up all our leftovers here so we can start with a clean slate again.

Reports are day 2 is the hardest and day 3 is when the real energy boost comes. If that holds true the rest of the fast should go pretty easily. On the other hand, if it just gets harder the longer we go without real food we’re going to have lot of conversations about pizza while we drink our juices…