Juice Fast, Day 3

Breakfast: cantaloupe (1/2 a $2.40 melon, Aldi), spinach (3/4 of a $2 bag, farmer’s market), organic parsley (maybe 1/8 of $1.69 bunch, Fresh market), organic apples (1/4 of $5 bag, Kroger), cucumber, (.75, farmer’s market), organic celery (1/2 a $2.50 bunch)


Result, about 7 cups of juice. Cost about $6.25


This juice tasted a lot like cantaloupe, with some green undertones. I enjoyed it very much, drinking the entire leftover pint and a half over the course of the morning. Between coconut water tasting so good yesterday, and cantaloupe tasting so good today, I wonder if my electrolyte balance had been thrown off over the course of juicing.

Colton was having some metallic taste in his mouth, and especially when drinking water, which I think points to the effectiveness of the juicing as a cleanse to get rid of toxins.

Lunch: organic carrots (maybe $2, Azure Standard), organic beet (about $1, Azure Standard), mangos (2/$1, Aldi), orange (about .40, Aldi)


Result about 5 cups of juice. Cost about $5.50.

I forgot to get a picture of this one, but it looked a lot like the other beet carrot juices we’ve had.

Beet carrot juice is still the best, and mangos are still amazing. What more can I say?

I probably would have snacked on juice or at least tea this afternoon, but instead I accidentally fell asleep and napped for almost the whole afternoon.

Supper: watermelon (I only used half what was in the picture, so 1/4 a $5 watermelon, Kroger. I could have gotten it cheaper at Aldi, but I mistakenly assumed the sale Aldi watermelons would be significantly smaller and not such a good deal.), cucumbers (2/$1.50, farmer’s market), apples (1/4 of a $5 bag, Kroger), lime (.25, farmer’s market), Young Living peppermint essential oil (about .30 worth)


Result, just over 8 cups of juice. Cost, about $4.75.


I was aiming for a good refreshing electrolyte juice, but I slipped with the mint oil so it was extra refreshing… I’ve really enjoyed a touch of fresh mint in juices and I was wondering if a drop or two of mint oil would have the same effect. At this point I’m still not sure what effect a *proper* amount of mint oil would have on the juice. I tasted the juice pre-mint oil, and it was really good, so I can at least recommend that combination of fruit.

We mixed some of it with leftover carrot beet juice to cut down the mintiness, and I’ll probably have some more cut with water later in the evening.

Overall I’d say day 3 was slightly easier than day 2, though the lack of food is also starting to get a bit old. Also I woke up from my nap feeling like I was about to come down with a cold. This eased off as I got up and started moving around, but I’m not sure if I’m getting sick or just getting rid of old toxins.