Juice Fast, Day 4

Breakfast: organic celery, ($1.25, Kroger), cucumber (.75, farmer’s market), organic lettuce ($1.25, Kroger), organic parsley (about .30, Fresh Market)


Results, about 3 cups. Cost about $3.50


You might notice there’s no fruit in this juice. That’s because we semi-spontaneously decided to make an overnight stay away from the house. My original brilliant plan was to just make green juice and mix it with our supper juice leftovers since that turned out to be so much juice. This could have actually been a brilliant plan except for how very minty the supper juice turned out.

Colton mixed his green juice with half supper watermelon juice and it was still unbearably minty. I drank my green juice straight and it was very green and not at all sweet.

Colton snacked on some red juice when he got to the office and I finished off the container of coconut water and had some dandelion root tea.

Lunch: pineapple ($1.20, Aldi), organic beet (about $1, Azure Standard), oranges, (.80, Aldi), organic carrots (about $4.50, Azure Standard)


Result, about 7 cups of juice. Cost about $7.50.

Again I didn’t get a picture of the lunch juice, but it looked like the other beet/carrot juices. (Except maybe for the fact that it sat a little longer and it started to get an oranger layer on top and a redder layer toward the bottom as the juices separated.)

I set out to make a really good tasting juice to make up for the rough patch over the last couple meals, and mostly succeeded. But regardless, by the end of the meal I very suddenly hit a moment of my body being done with juice, to the point of feeling kind of sick to my stomach and really not wanting to do this juice fast thing anymore.

Colton had already been feeling kind of shaky and ready for food. Neither of us finished our lunch juice.

We’d already been planning to cut our juice fast a little bit short so we could eat before playing frisbee tonight, and we stepped that up slightly with a plan to snack in the afternoon on real food leading up to a light supper. I had a grand plan of how to come off the juice fast with homemade cheese (made from organic raw milk), but it really didn’t sound that great at first so I started with a mango, then an hour or so later had a carrot stick, and shortly after that a couple small bites of cheddar cheese. A little later I did start on the homemade cheese with a few crackers.

I’d never gone so long without solid food before (unless maybe sometime I was really sick when I was little, but if so I don’t remember it) so while I knew in theory about going slow ┬áto reintroduce my body to solid food, it was odd to experience it. I wanted to just keep eating and eating, but at the same time even the small bits of food I let myself eat were sitting heavy on my stomach.

We ate a light supper (chicken and a couple spoonfuls of leftover homemade baked beans), played frisbee (my stomach continued to feel heavy, but I had better energy than usual), came home and had a second light supper (quesadilla with sour cream and fresh salsa). Colton even ate ice cream, and did just fine with eating real food again.

I’m still struggling a big with the transition back to solid food, even after eating nothing but raw milk for the whole morning today. On the plus side, I think I lost about 6 pounds on the juice fast, which is very encouraging if only because for the past couple of years I hadn’t lost weight at all, even doing the GAPS diet. Either juice fasting really worked well for me, or my thyroid is finally functioning better. Either way I’m pleased with the results.

Based on how Colton’s system reacted to the juice fast and how easily he went back to solid food, I’m pretty sure that juice fasting isn’t the best match for his metabolism. It was still a good cleanse for both of us, and I would definitely consider doing it again, and I think even Colton might eventually consider doing it again, especially to replace a water only type fast.

The whole cost of an almost four day juice fast for two people came to about $65, counting the coconut water we drank, and allowing a little more for the tea and honey, which I didn’t figure up the exact cost of.