Is there supposed to be a hill around here somewhere?

A couple weeks ago at church I heard someone say, “Everyone over thirty should really take digestive enzymes, because the body doesn’t produce them as well when you hit thirty.” I started to file this as a mildly interesting tidbit that applied to all ‘those people’ over thirty and stopped.

All of those things I’ve ever heard about ‘when you’re thirty’ are going to apply to me in just a couple of years.

I had a bit of a mental block about turning 27 this year, not because I have any problem with the number 27  (in fact, I’m kind of a fan of the number of 27, despite the fact that it’s an odd number, because it’s 3 cubed, and I like multiples of 3) but because 27 represents a definite shift to ‘late twenties’.

I kind of stopped paying attention to my exact age when I got married. It didn’t seem to matter nearly as much if I wasn’t thinking, “I’m ___ years old and I’m still not married!” but ‘late twenties’ was still a bit of a shock. How did that happen?

There’s a general understanding that about 30 your body starts slowing down and subtly breaking. There are things you could do when you were 18 or in your 20s that just don’t work anymore. You have begun the process of becoming old.

I have other plans.

I’ve spent most of my 20s dealing with some kind of chronic health problem. At various points and it no particular order I managed to hit chronic fatigue, recurring cysts, adrenal fatigue, appendectomy with post operative infection, undiagnosed Lyme, joint pains, hypothyroid (causing weight gain) and an egg allergy. (Not the mention having the word ‘infertility’ kind of floating around the edges of my health consciousness while I decide whether I hate that word enough to come up with some other descriptor.) If my 20s represent the pinnacle of my health and energy, I’m staging a revolt.

This year I’ve played ultimate frisbee almost every week since it started for the season (including a couple games in the rain), played soccer and walleyball for the first time, and started running most mornings. Extrapolating this out a few years, I’m pretty sure my 30s should include running 5ks, outdoor rock climbing, and maybe even learning to play a sport well enough to be considered an average player instead of a tolerated noob.

And apparently they should also include taking digestive enzymes.

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