Days the Remaining of Staycation, which I didn’t get around to posting in a timely manner

So, we finished our staycation, I relaxed enough to not bother blogging every day, and then I spent most of this week trying to catch up on dishes, housework and shopping. (And then did a freezer cooking afternoon because I got an amazing deal on ground meat and had to do something with it.)

I don’t remember everything we did on staycation at this point, but here are some of the highlights:

Tuesday we hit the library book sale room at the main branch in Peoria. We spent less than ten dollars and got three big bags full of used books, including some picture books by James Stevenson, some sci-fi in the extended Dune series, an Orson Scott Card and an Anne McCaffery, and a variety of, “huh, this could be interesting” finds. I think the find of the day was Cory Doctorow’s For the Win for twenty cents.

I think that was the day we got lunch at Panda Express, which is one of our favorite restaurants, especially for quick and cheap food. If you fill out a five minute survey online within two days of  your visit, you get a coupon code for a free entree with purchase of two entree plate. Whenever we go back (there’s no expiration date) we use the coupon to get free egg rolls, split the two entree plate and egg rolls, and pay less than $8 for dinner for the two of us.

Wednesday, which happened to be Colton’s birthday, we spent most of the day lounging at his grandmother’s house, in and out of her pool. I even put my face underwater a couple of times.

Thursday was our complete crash at home day. We watched movies and played games and filled all my ideas of staycation.

Friday was supposed to be our energetic, go play sports until we drop day, to fill Colton’s idea of a staycation, but after getting all ready to go play frisbee golf, we walked out the door to discover it was raining. After a flurry of research to find indoor alternatives (mostly discovering that it was a bad time to go ice skating or bowling and determining that neither of us played racquetball) we went to see the movie RIPD. It was over the top and ridiculous, but fun. I’d say it was comparable to the Men in Black movies, but somewhat less crude, and in my opinion, with better story. (Not any better plot mind you, but a little better story.)

For lunch on Friday we went to Jim’s Bistro, which lived up to it’s title of ‘the best burger in Peoria’.

Friday evening Sam and Laura came over and we spent most of the evening discussing unusual things we could with the evening, like running into a store, asking what year it was and running out again yelling ‘We did it!’. In the end we went up on the Peoria Heights tower, which is probably the best $2 tourist attraction in the area. Oh, and then we accidentally created a variant of Apples to Apples that involves writing a murder mystery or other story using the red cards as hashtags.

Saturday we finally did get out and play frisbee golf. We both played better than we had before on that course, and I threw the frisbee so hard I had sore muscles for days. 🙂

The rest of the day was spent attending a graduation party and housewarming open house, so we had a very social end to our staycation.

So there you have it, the most fun that can be had in Peoria in a week. 🙂 We didn’t do as much visiting of area attractions on this staycation as last time, but it was a really good break from everyday life.

Maybe soon I’ll write a blog post about all the normal everyday life I’ve been doing since the staycation. 🙂

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