This Space Intentionally Left Blank

I’m not writing a blog post today. I don’t have time.

It’s been a productive week so far, in a solidly on routine sort of way. Daily blog posts, daily running, making salsa before the tomatoes went bad, and that sort of thing.

I got caught up on dishes this week, and have been able to use the time normally allocated for ‘frantically working on the back log of dishes’ for such exciting things as dusting and wiping under things on my kitchen counters.

Sometimes when I get caught up dishes I blow it by thinking this means I can plan an extravagant baking day, because spending more time on baking than I would on dishes plus creating tons of extra dishes somehow comes out even at that point, right?

So, it’s Friday, there’s flour soaking for pizza dough this evening, leftovers are heating up in the oven for lunch, I washed all the morning dishes (instead of leaving them with the excuse that there weren’t that many, so how bad could it get?), and have done all the Sunday preparations I can do ahead of time.

This afternoon will be taken up by important hanging out with Moriah time, and I have already warned Colton that it’s the sort of day where dinner will almost undoubtedly be late despite my best efforts. Trying to fit a blog post in there would be recipe for disaster of proportions similar to scheduling a baking day without leaving time for extra dish washing.

But, since I still had fifteen minutes before it was time to eat lunch, it seemed like a good time to warn you all: Don’t expect a blog post from me today. I won’t be writing one. I don’t have time.

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