In Pursuit of Productivity

I had a productive week once. It was about three weeks ago. You may remember it: I posted here five times, blogged about how I ran almost every morning, baked bread, and did some experimenting with new recipes.

After my oh, so productive week I proceeded to feel crummy for about three weeks and dragged around not getting much done, and not even getting close to writing anything.

I finished off my three weeks of feeling crummy with a two day rifle marksmanship class spanning two of the hottest, most summery days we’ve had in our mostly cool and refreshing summer. I drank a couple quarts of coconut water, learned that overthinking is one of my big problems with accuracy in shooting (overthinking? me? who knew?), and oddly enough, survived the whole thing without too much ill effect.

Well, that is little ill effect, until the day after class ended when I got up, fixed breakfast, headed off to church, stayed awake enough to pay attention to the sermon, and then started feeling completely awful before church ended. I wondered if I had some delayed effect heat exhaustion, but either way, a nap and some coconut water helped quite a bit.

Thankfully, Monday was another crash day, as Colton had the day off for Labor Day. It’s the only weekend I can ever remember being glad when Saturday was over and looking forward to Monday. 🙂

So after three weeks feeling off, a weekend in the heat, and quasi weekend to recover, we got up and ran again this morning. I was relieved to discover that I didn’t lose all my progress during our running hiatus. I didn’t try running up any hills, and I think I was bit slower than I had been, but I was still feeling a lot better than when we first started running.

Despite the fact that I’m sitting in a jury assembly room right now, I have hopes of this turning into another productive week. I’m back in the mindset of being productive, and a lingering slight cough is not going to deter me from having a week of running, writing, catching up yet again on dishes and laundry, baking, grocery shopping and general productiveness.

That is, as soon as the county decides I’m not vitally necessary their pursuits of justice and societal structure…

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