So Much For That Theory…

Yesterday after writing my ambitious blog post I walked an eight block round trip from the courthouse to the library on my lunch break. I felt very healthy and conscientious and productive.

This morning I woke up to discover than running a mile for the first time in three weeks *and* taking an eight block walk on the same day pretty much kills my calves. No running this morning. *sigh* In fact, there was barely walking this morning. There was just hobbling around trying to walk using as little calf muscle as possible, which is not very effective.

In addition to that I’ve had an upper abdominal/lower rib pain for a few days that had finally hung around long enough to start concerning me. None of the oils I’d tried had helped much, but I finally tried peppermint this afternoon, and it’s slightly improving now.

Between my various pains and getting tired quickly, it wasn’t nearly as productive a day as I’d hoped. I did somehow, that is, painfully, manage to haul my laundry downstairs, so it is now clean and dry, though not yet folded.

I also made some killer spaghetti sauce by making average spaghetti sauce in the morning letting it simmer all day. I have to say, I really like being able to leverage the advantages I have in being home all day to make up for having low energy days. Sometimes putting in a little bit of energy at calculated points in the day produces as good or better results than putting in a lot of energy all at once.

I do still have hopes for eking some productivity out of the day tomorrow, despite the fact that this is clearly not turning into the amazingly energetic week I might have hoped for.

If I use the energy I have in a properly calculated way, I should start next week with a full pantry, clear counters and no laundry backlog. And setting myself up for a week like that might just count as a sufficiently productive week.