How My Day Went

It’s hard to stick to my plan to post more often when my real life updates are starting to all sound the same: I went for a run this morning, even though I was tired; I had no energy left after that, so besides almost catching up on dishes and warming up leftovers, all I got done today was a long nap.

I think I’m going to make up a more interesting sounding day instead.

Today I fought off space dragons in the asteroid belt. The pesky things kept trying to scatter and hide but I picked them all off with the help of my heat seeking plasma photon pistol (which I’m sure I purchased on sale with a coupon). Since, as everyone knows, space dragon meat is too tough to eat, I just skinned them to turn their hides into hats. Some people spray paint their space dragon hats in camouflage colors to play up the armored aspects of the hat, but I prefer to just add a beaded edge because it makes a much prettier armored hat that way.

Isn’t the more fun to read about than the day I actually had?