After my last, somewhat whiny, post about writing, I had to post a quick update.

Today I didn’t get the laundry folded or all the dishes washed, but I did write about 2000 words.

And that is a very good start.


I have a plan. This plan involves getting lots of writing done, but you may or may not see any of it here on my blog. For once in my life I’m going to finish writing a book. (Technically it’s the second time, but since I was co-writing the first time, I still only wrote half of a book.)

At Colton’s nudging, I have a plan for this month that significantly simplifies the amount of time I normally spend on grocery shopping, and might even cut down a little on cooking and dishwashing time.  I’m finally actually making space in my life to write.

The only problem is that almost coming down the stomach flu while actually coming down with a cold right before leaving on a weekend trip leaves a messy house full of dirty dishes and a fridge that desperately needs to be cleaned out but even more desperately needs to be restocked. As a result, this week is being spent trying to reshape the house into livable condition while simultaneously trying to recover from the energy drain of a weekend trip right after being sick.

The extended afternoons of writing time are so close I can almost touch them, but right now all of the small amounts of energy I can muster are being funneled toward reducing the giant pile of dirty dishes next to my sink. I’ve made progress in that the pile no longer extends to the floor by the sink, and doesn’t even look like it’s going to tip over at any moment.

I have this lurking feeling that as soon as I get the house in decent order some kind of urgent disaster that I dare not ignore will strike. In that case I’ll be very glad to have lots of easy meals all ready to prepare…

I’m going to finish writing a book.