Daily Thanks #27: Homemade Ketchup

This morning I made ketchup before breakfast.

We’ve been out of homemade ketchup for a few days, and also out of the tomato paste I use to make the ketchup. While we do have a half bottle of store bought ketchup sitting in the fridge from before I started making my own ketchup, it is increasingly just not worth it to the eat the store bought stuff.

I’ve become accustomed to thinking of ketchup as a healthy addition to a meal, an option for adding a probiotic boost to my food rather than a shot of chemicals. The idea of squirting corn syrup and msg all over my food suddenly makes the whole idea less appealing.

So, when we got tomato paste back in the house I took my first opportunity to make a new batch of ketchup while frying up some (organic) potatoes for breakfast.

It’s really good to be able to have healthy yummy food around the house, and to be so used to it that it’s a shock to have to go without it temporarily is clearly a blessing I should appreciate more often. (Did I just say I should make fried potatoes more often? I think maybe that is what that means…)

Daily Thanks #25: Sick Days

I know it sounds odd, but it’s true. I really am thankful for sick days. And not even just the fact that Colton and I actually get the opportunity to take a day off when we’re sick, though I understand that’s a privilege in itself.

After Colton spent the weekend taking care of me while I crashed on the couch trying not the think about food, he finally came down with the stomach bug today. I was feeling better enough to tackle some laundry and dishes, but still pretty tired. He came home from work about lunchtime and I got to spend most of the rest of the day just hanging out my favorite person in the world.

We talked about nothing in particular, but whatever it was must have been funny because Colton made me laugh a lot. I fell asleep while he watched a movie, then he told me all the good parts while I folded laundry, all to the permeating smell of peppermint oil.

Being sick is not much fun, but I have to say, sick days are pretty good anyway.

Daily Thanks #24: Milk Frothers

Many months ago I picked up a cheap milk frother on sale. It was a little wobbly and despite being touted as useful for beating an egg it froze up in any liquid thicker than milk. Still, it produced a reasonable layer of froth on top of my flavored milk steamers and hot chocolate, and I used it fairly often for such purposes.

And then it died. Whether it simply succumbed to the rigors of months of frothing milk or got water inside it’s motor housing I have no idea, but one thing was clear: I wanted a new milk frother. And, having already established that I would use a milk frother on a regular basis, this time I was willing to shell out money for a shiny new stainless steel Aeorolatte milk frother with four and half star rating on Amazon.

I waited eagerly for my new milk frother to arrive (along with my new cleaver and metal basket for my kitchen scrubbies). By the time it did arrive I had no milk in the house and had to wait until I got more. (Technically I did have sour milk in the house, but as there is clearly no point in frothing sour milk, it is irrelevant to this post.)

By the time I got more milk I was, unbeknownst to myself at the time, on the brink of coming down with the stomach flu. I drank a sip of milk and my stomach *hurt*. I decided this was a bad time to fix myself a latte or frothed hot cocoa.

When I finally got past the stomach pain of the bug I had, having eaten not only rice, but meat and potatoes and butter, I knew exactly what I wanted: a peppermint steamer. The new milk frother didn’t wobble at all and it whirred with a power suggesting that it might not balk at scrambling several eggs at once. It created a thick layer of, not just froth, but full blown foam on my peppermint steamer. It was amazing.

So here’s you, odd little gadget that looks like a battery powered whisk. You make this world a place with a little more foam on lattes and peppermint steamers and hot chocolate, and that is something this world needs very much indeed.

Daily Thanks #23: Rice

I’m not normally a rice person. I can tolerate it if it’s covered with lots of Chinese sauce and meat, but even then I’d normally rather eat the meat and sauce without rice. And if it comes to just choosing a carb I’d rather have any form of potato or garlic bread or plain bread and butter or corn pudding or millet or… you get the idea.

But when you come down with an odd form of the stomach flu where your stomach doesn’t tolerate food but forgets to shut off the ‘hungry’ switch, and you haven’t eaten anything solid except frozen banana puree (which is actually pretty good, but barely qualifies as solid) all day long, rice becomes an amazing substance worthy of sonnets.

Rice. It’s what’s for dinner.

Daily Thanks #22: That My Husband Is Not Overly Particular

Okay, so everyone who knows Colton is going to roll their eyes at this one, but I know better. He’s an organized person and a tidy person, but if he were particular he would be freaking out about me several times a day.

Instead, when I serve hot dog buns with hamburgers because I burned the last roll in the house trying to toast it and all our loaves of bread were frozen, he shrugs his shoulders and moves on.

This is a very good thing (because that sort of thing happens rather often around here).

Daily Thanks #21: Chiropractic Adjustments

Another perk of my husband’s job is that twice a week they have a chiropractor come in and do adjustments on the staff and any immediate family members of the staff who come in. Some weeks I start to take this for granted, but on the weeks I miss the scheduled time, I *really* start to appreciate my normal easy access to chiropractic adjustments.

And not only does it make the rest of my week go more smoothly, but it’s often a fun social event where I happen to meet up with other staff member families that I normally wouldn’t get to see during the week or at all.

I’m very thankful for this particular job perk!

Daily Thanks #18: Clean Laundry

I’m pretty sure that for my Monday daily thankfulness post (yes, I’m a little behind…) I’m supposed to write about how thankful I am to still have a house to sleep in. Or about how great it is that people in the community are stepping up to help tornado victims. Or maybe even something sweet about people getting reunited with their pets.

All those things are true, of course… But the thing is, I didn’t get scared enough during the tornado to have an epic sense of relief afterwards. My post tornado sense on Monday was along these practical lines, “Well, we can’t get out to help with disaster relief today, so I guess I’d better try to catch up on my housework as much as I can so we’re freed up to help later when they’re letting people into the areas that need help.”

The most exciting thing that happened on Monday was that for the first time in about three weeks, I got all the clean laundry folded and put away the same day it was washed.

And I guess when you come down to it, clean laundry is just exactly as mundane and as epic as it needed to be that day.