Daily Thanks #1: The Times When God Says ‘Sit’

In previous years I haven’t really participated in the daily thanks posts, at least not consistently. I’m not sure I’ll be completely consistent this year either, but I’m pretty sure the effort would be good for me right now…

Yesterday evening I was supposed to pick up my husband in Morton after he was in Bloomington most of the day for a meeting. I was having a tired, draggy day, and after a nap was finally trying to catch up on some household chores, but still not feeling that energetic. I left at the scheduled time, feeling behind on my chores, but not wanting to be late… only to find out when I was almost there that my husband was going to be late.

While I’m always tempted to get frustrated at what I ‘should’ or could have been getting done, in this case it was suddenly clear. I was going along with my day, doing what I was supposed to be doing, and all of a sudden God said, “And now you get to sit and do nothing”. I pulled out my book and enjoyed the enforced break instead of working up guilt over chores I couldn’t do anything about from the car.

Today the water in our apartment building is being turned off for some kind of repairs. It’s really tempting to get frustrated with the stack of dishes that somehow accumulated (again!) and that I can’t do anything about without water. But on the other hand… I wasn’t feeling that energetic anyway, still. Maybe God is telling me that my to-do list for the day was wrong, and I can take a slower day than I was planning on.

So today I’m thankful for those moments when God rearranges my to do list and forces me to slow down and rest more.

Unless of course the water comes back on before the end of the day, in which case I can be thankful for clean dishes instead.