Of Destiny and Plastic Lids

There are moments that define our future which slip past without seeming worthy of notice. There are other moments when we catch a glimpse of possible futures as the moment slides by…

Last week, while cleaning out a cupboard, I found a small plastic lid. It looked vaguely familiar, as plastic lids often do, but I couldn’t immediately match it in my mind to a bottle that needed such a lid. I set it aside to be washed and later matched with a bottle, or thrown away if no match was found.

This afternoon I found that lid hanging around on my sink. I hadn’t had time to go bottle matching yet, so I just rinsed it off and set it in the dish drainer.  On the surface this was an act of hope for the future, creating visions of a world where all lids match bottles and vice versa. But as I set it in the drainer I saw a glimpse of a different future, a future where my sink is littered with lids that have no apparent match, but that I can’t throw away because I might find a match later.

I fished out the matchless lid and threw it away.

Take that, destiny.


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