Daily Thanks #7: Simple Games

Around here there is a proliferation of complex and crunchy board games, often printed partially in foreign languages, as if just to prove they’re cooler than the average American game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of crunchy German games too. I know I’m having fun when my head explodes with too many possibilities to track and I get stabbed by another player who’s playing for second because they’ve already calculated they can’t win which totally negates all the work I put into the current round of moves and forces me to work on how much come-back power I can eke out of the one cool card (or tile or whatever) I have left.

But some days I’m just thankful for simple games like Yahtzee that pass the time lightly without any head explosions, and for seven year olds who are not too sophisticated to want to play such games.

Even if said seven year old can beat me at Yahtzee.


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