Daily Thanks #8 & #9: Family and More Family

While I know plenty of people who have generic ‘weirdness’ the genetic relationship to specific strains of weirdness is often strong. This is especially noticeable with sisters at times. Who else would know exactly what I mean, with no explanation needed, when I say, “He is Irish after all” but go back and forth for ten minutes with me on the deep complexities existent in the subject of raisins?

And who else but my family would spontaneously start a room sized game of cat’s cradle with each finger being represented by a person? (“For the duration of this game, you are a thumb.”)

But not only do I get my genetic specific weird family, I married into a whole other set of family. I get extra grandparents, extra family stories (even though I wasn’t there for the beginnings of them), extra family code language to learn, and even sometimes extra weirdness.

The only thing better than having family is having even more family. 🙂

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