Daily Thanks #16: Ice Skating

I’m thankful that God made water in such a way that it becomes a shiny, slippery sheet of glisteningness when it gets really cold.

And that some crazy person figured out that we can skate across ice if we strap blades to the bottoms of our feet. (Even if this still seems like a really bad, nutty idea every time I start to get on the ice again.)

And for zambonis that make the ice back into a shiny, slippery sheet after it’s been all scratched up by those blades strapped to people’s feet. (Plus zamboni is fun to say.)

And that my husband enjoys ice skating so much that I go try it again even when I’d kind of like to wimp out. (And that he’s patient with how it takes me sooo long to start get good at this whole ‘blades strapped my feet on a slippery surface’ thing.)

Daily Thanks #15: My Husband’s Job

Specifically, I’m thankful that my husband works at a place where they have strict policy to not send guys on business trips alone. This means if Colton, say, needs to go to a class for work in Chicago, and no one else from his office needs to go, I get to tag along on the trip!

I got to have a relaxing couple of days in a Chicago hotel, including fulfilling my lifelong ambition of working out in a hotel fitness room. (When I was a kid that sign about being 18 or older was a pesky barrier, and I guess I was just never that motivated during the travel heavy season of life. Not sure why though, because treadmills are still pretty cool.)