Daily Thanks #21: Chiropractic Adjustments

Another perk of my husband’s job is that twice a week they have a chiropractor come in and do adjustments on the staff and any immediate family members of the staff who come in. Some weeks I start to take this for granted, but on the weeks I miss the scheduled time, I *really* start to appreciate my normal easy access to chiropractic adjustments.

And not only does it make the rest of my week go more smoothly, but it’s often a fun social event where I happen to meet up with other staff member families that I normally wouldn’t get to see during the week or at all.

I’m very thankful for this particular job perk!

Daily Thanks #20: Peppermint Oil

When you’re out digging through the remains of a house, trying to help the resident salvage as much as they can, and one of the people you’re working with very suddenly comes down with the stomach flu, it’s very good to have peppermint oil handy in your bag.