Daily Thanks #24: Milk Frothers

Many months ago I picked up a cheap milk frother on sale. It was a little wobbly and despite being touted as useful for beating an egg it froze up in any liquid thicker than milk. Still, it produced a reasonable layer of froth on top of my flavored milk steamers and hot chocolate, and I used it fairly often for such purposes.

And then it died. Whether it simply succumbed to the rigors of months of frothing milk or got water inside it’s motor housing I have no idea, but one thing was clear: I wanted a new milk frother. And, having already established that I would use a milk frother on a regular basis, this time I was willing to shell out money for a shiny new stainless steel Aeorolatte milk frother with four and half star rating on Amazon.

I waited eagerly for my new milk frother to arrive (along with my new cleaver and metal basket for my kitchen scrubbies). By the time it did arrive I had no milk in the house and had to wait until I got more. (Technically I did have sour milk in the house, but as there is clearly no point in frothing sour milk, it is irrelevant to this post.)

By the time I got more milk I was, unbeknownst to myself at the time, on the brink of coming down with the stomach flu. I drank a sip of milk and my stomach *hurt*. I decided this was a bad time to fix myself a latte or frothed hot cocoa.

When I finally got past the stomach pain of the bug I had, having eaten not only rice, but meat and potatoes and butter, I knew exactly what I wanted: a peppermint steamer. The new milk frother didn’t wobble at all and it whirred with a power suggesting that it might not balk at scrambling several eggs at once. It created a thick layer of, not just froth, but full blown foam on my peppermint steamer. It was amazing.

So here’s you, odd little gadget that looks like a battery powered whisk. You make this world a place with a little more foam on lattes and peppermint steamers and hot chocolate, and that is something this world needs very much indeed.

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