A New Month (and a new youtube channel)

I had intended to continue my daily thankfulness posts through the end of November, but I got distracted by actual Thanksgiving celebrations and didn’t have a chance to write anything. I briefly thought about trying to catch up on on the missing posts at the beginning of December, but instead I caught up on dishes and cleaning that didn’t get done during the week of stomach flu and Thanksgiving.

Today I launched into Christmas cooking with a triple batch of salted caramel pretzel bark and it’s too late to go back to Thanksgiving. Forward! Never look back! Or something like that…

Today I also launched my new YouTube channel: Good Bad Food. My first video is of my making my amazing slightly famous homemade ketchup, and you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdX2RphlJ3A

I also started a new cooking blog to go with my youtube channel: http://goodbadfood.wordpress.com/

I’ll still be posting daily life type stuff on this blog, which may even sometimes include cooking, as there’s a lot of that in my daily life, but the majority of my food related posts will now be going on my new blog. (I think. We’ll still have to seek how this new blog arrangement works out over time.)

So, everyone who enjoys my recipe posts here needs to go subscribe to my youtube channel and my new blog. The rest of you can now be relieved that will be less of that recipe stuff cluttering up this blog. 🙂