Sushi of Peoria: Sushigawa

I’m a little late getting the review written, but a couple weeks ago we added Sushigawa to our Sushi Tour of Peoria (previous stop: Happy Fish¬†).

We got there a few minutes before it opened and walked in seconds after they unlocked the door. The first thing I noticed was that the background music was a song from Annie–I love Broadway musicals, and rarely run across them being played in local restaurants. The entire rest of the time we were were there the music sounded like anime soundtracks (I’m sure there’s a name for this musical style, but that’s the only association I have with it), which was also a lot of fun and worked really well for setting the feel for a sushi restaurant. At first I assumed that the Broadway music was just something the staff was playing and they hadn’t switched over to their normal music yet, but I’ve heard from other people now that Sushigawa also plays music like the La La Land soundtrack, so it seems like they just have a fun range of background music.

Anyway, moving on with the rest of the experience… The ambiance definitely worked well for us. It had the feel of a nice restaurant without being overly formal, and the decor all fit perfectly with that feel. The only odd part was the ordering process, which involved checking off our selections on a paper menu with provided pens. That would have fit better in a more casual atmosphere BUT I actually liked the simplicity of it and (as an introvert) not having the pressure of listing off verbally what I wanted.

The sushi itself came at pretty standard prices for what we’ve seen in Peoria. We got a Philadelphia roll, yellowtail (which we’d really liked at Happy Fish), plain tuna and salmon rolls, crunch spicy crab, and (I think) spicy salmon. Most of those were $5-$7 a roll, but the crunch spicy crab was a special roll for around $10. We were surprisingly unimpressed with all of their basic rolls. I enjoyed the Philadelphia roll, but most of the flavor came from the soy sauce and wasabi rather than the roll itself. Colton said the plain tuna and salmon were so bland that it was hard to tell which was which when eating them. The spicy crab, however, made up for the other rolls, because it was amazing!

It’s possible we just came on a week when they had a harder time than normal getting high quality fish or something like that. (I actually have no idea how sushi restaurants in Peoria usually manage to get any decent quality fish, but I’m sure it’s one of the challenges of running a sushi place in the midwest.) However, our impression based on this visit was that we wouldn’t come back for the basic rolls, but we’d love to go back and try more of their specialty rolls to see if they measure up to the spicy crunch crab roll. Overall verdict at this time is that Sushigawa is the place to go in Peoria if you’re planning to splurge on more expensive specialty rolls, but not worth it if you’re mostly planning to order basic rolls.¬† If we do go back I’ll post an update with our further findings.