Bits of Life

I’ve been having a lot of rough, tired days lately, but despite not having energy or deep thoughts for a full post, I noticed a few blog worthy odds and ends of life recently.

This year I tried growing a garden (read: four plants) as it had been a while since I had a nice collection of dead plants… Actually, I’d managed to grow some peppermint, and I thought there was a slight chance I could expand that to *slightly* harder to keep alive plants. I’m still a bit shocked every time I go look at my plants and they don’t to be turning brown and falling over. My swiss chard (above) is producing well, and I’ve harvested a bit of mint and basil as well. My tomato plant has blossoms (!). My zucchini/squash attempts didn’t go so well, as half of the plants immediately got eaten by rabbits, and the one remaining plant doesn’t get enough to sun to thrive, though it’s somehow holding on and also not dying yet.


 A friend introduced me to the concept of maximalist decorating, and I really liked the impression of my test run. In fact, I haven’t taken it down yet, even though most of it isn’t spaced properly. I’m thinking about mostly leaving the arrangement, just moving the hangings that are put up with sticky tack until it’s all properly balanced. I’m hoping to expand this display even further, possibly with some of my own artwork across the very top of the wall. (I got this up in one of my occasional bursts of, if not quite energy, at least lower fatigue. I’ll add to it slowly and continue the adjustments in future bursts.)

 Sometimes clearance roses are good idea even when you haven’t got around to clearing the table. That’s one thing I’m starting to learn with not having a lot of energy: sometimes the nice little finishing touches have to come first, or you never get to them.

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