That Time I Moved Out of State Instead Of Blogging Every Day

Some of you may have noticed that after a very brief attempt to write a blog post every weekday in November, my blog fell silent again. This is slightly due to the fact that I have a hard time following through on my great intentions, but more so due to the fact that my husband got contract job out of state, and I spent most of November going through everything we own and deciding what to take with us to a small apartment, what to store near home, and what really wasn’t worth moving or storing. (I thought we did a decent job of keeping our stuff down to mostly what we really wanted around, but it turns out we had over a dozen boxes of things we didn’t want *that* badly.)

In between the sorting I was researching important things like the library system near our new home, places to live, and how far we had to go to get take-out Vietnamese or sushi from those possible places to live. Oh, and in case that sounds too easy, I ended up researching three different towns this way because of questions about which one we would actually end up in, and our move date got changed three times. (In case it’s not clear, we’re very happy with the new job, and the fact that it’s close enough to drive back to see church and family on a weekend, and are enjoying the adventure. It’s just been a pretty crazy adventure so far.)

So… no blogging in November.

On the plus side, I’m now living a semi-minimalist lifestyle (aka I pared down my stuff to fit in a one bedroom apartment and it kind of worked but I’m still  not very good at being a minimalist) in a town where I know ZERO people, so I may have more time on my hands for things like blogging. Maybe. It’s a good theory anyway.

The apartment is still waiting on us to figure out the best way to hang pictures (given that about half the walls are concrete block) and for a few more boxes to be unpacked (mostly once we buy a second dresser, as we only brought one with us) but it’s close enough to ‘done’ to give you an idea what it’s like.

This is the main part of our living room. The other part is walkway, desks, and the rest of the Christmas tree you can just glimpse in this photo. (Most of the books and games are in storage. We did get rid of a few games and a few boxes of books, but these are just the ones we’re most likely to use in the next few months.) The ottoman is hollow for storage and has one of my big knitting projects inside, while a lot of the other craft supplies I brought with me are inside my desk drawers.

When I was packing up kitchen stuff I thought I was doing a good job ‘being minimalist’. I packed a bare minimum of dishes, and just enough Pyrex for a couple days worth of leftovers, so I’d be forced to use up leftovers quickly and not accidentally let them sit in the fridge for a couple weeks. My packing felt a lot less minimalist as I tried to unpack it all into this tiny kitchen though! I’m going to need to use up some odds and ends of pantry ingredients and then try to standardize to just basic ingredients (and also stop buying most things in bulk for now!). It helps that there’s a storage shelf and cupboard in the living room right outside the kitchen, and some things like tea and tea pot, and extra spice jars went out there. These are things that in theory I won’t mind having on display, but do need some more tweaking not to just feel crowded. (One weird side benefit to this kitchen: there’s literally no place to put dirty dishes except the side of the stove, so I’ll finally be forced to practice immediate dish washing. )

The bedroom is the least ‘done’ right now, as we are still waiting on the dresser I mentioned. Oddly, though, it’s a bit bigger, and has a noticeably bigger closet than our previous bedroom.

Fun Facts:

*There was a shoe box full of bricks in our coat closet when we moved in. Maintenance was also surprised by them, so presumably they were left by a previous tenant? Not sure why. Also, the previous tenant apparently took one of the two oven racks with them when they left, which maintenance has now replaced for us. Being able to call maintenance to fix everything may be the best part of apartment living.

*I thought our bathroom had zero storage and zero outlets, but it does in fact have a shallow medicine cabinet and one outlet on the light above the mirror. There is still no storage under the sink and one towel rod currently holding bath towels for two and a hand towel. (I’m ordering over the door hooks for the bath towels.)

*Of the 150ish books at the top of my to read list (I have a long to read list, okay?) 63 are available from the smallish library in town, which is a lot more than I thought would be. ONE of those is even one I couldn’t get in the library system back home: (Affiliate link, FYI.)

*Least useful thing I brought: a return address stamp for our previous address

*Most useful thing I *forgot* to bring: There’s some stiff competition here, but I think broom is the winner. Runners up include step stool (because I’m short and can’t reach the top shelves in the kitchen) and iron (actually, scratch that, I never iron anyway–it’s mostly just between the broom and the step stool).

So, that about sums up apartment life right now! If you have any interest in more details on my attempts at minimalism or apartment organization/decorating feel free to ask. (If you didn’t even have an interest in the details I gave in this post, that’s okay too. I’ll just pretend you read the whole thing and enjoyed it.)

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