Epic Battle

I have always wanted someone to come up to me and tell me that I fulfill some ancient prophecy and the fate of the entire world rests on my shoulders. While I’m now old enough to think this sounds more intimidating and overwhelming than otherwise, I’m still drawn towards battles and epic adventures.
What an amazing coincidence that I get to live an epic adventure.
I know laundry and blog posts and milk runs don’t sound like much of an epic adventure, but I’ve dabbled with this idea enough before that some of you know where I’m going with this. The entire history of the world is an epic battle between good and evil. Everyone in the world is ultimately on one side or the other. And everything you do in love and obedience to God, for His glory, is a sword stroke for victory.
Okay, so maybe not every moment is a big battle. But I suspect that sometimes vital moments in this epic history are completely overlooked because they happen to look a lot like everyday life. Not every time. And likely not every moment of everyday life is a major turning point in that epic history. But major turning points are still built on lots of little moments, even in epic battles.
And this isn’t to try to claim a more important spot in this epic battle than we deserve. Winning isn’t up to us–Jesus already did that. But God is writing a story  that we all get to play parts in. He lets have a share in His story and His battle, not becuse He needs our help, but because He loves us.
And so, the fate of the world still doesn’t rest on my shoulders (which is a really, really good thing). But the fact that I get my epic adventure matters a lot to me for some reason. I need to know to that I’m fighting for something, and that what I’m doing matters. No matter how boring it happens to look on the surface.

March 6th, 2010

One thought on “Epic Battle

  1. gravelbelly says:

    Me too, Raquel, me too.

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