The Duct Tape Valkyrie

<p> “The Valkyries were the shield maidens who kept the halls of heaven. Odin used women warriors as his honor guard because if he’d used men, they might have been worshiped for their own strength and skill and cunning. He could glorify himself through women warriors because he was the source of their strength and power…I have found that God Himself does similar things. He transforms earthly creatures into heavenly beings. Nobody can stop Him from doing it, and nothing ever hinders him from accompishing it.” <u>Valkyries: Some Through the Fire</u> by Jeri Massi</p></blockquote>
<p> I am the Duct Tape Valkyrie. This title started as a name for my <a href=”;ref=MTczOTE5″>BattleKnight</a&gt; knight, and was rooted in a <a href=””>Heroscape costume </a> I made for a birthday party a couple of years ago. Alas, my BattleKnight knight has moved on and goes by the more dignified name of Silver Valkyrie now, but I myself refuse to relinquish the title of Duct Tape Valkyrie. Which got me wondering why in the world I should be so attached to this name…</p>
<p> Valkyries are female warriors. And honestly, that is exactly what I am. I’m not talking ‘women in the miltary’ kind of warrior here. I’m talking wrestling against the rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. I’m talking about about the ultimate goal of taking captive for Christ every square inch of this planet, right down to every thought in our minds. As Gabrielle would say, I ‘grok’ fighting. Which isn’t to say I’m necessarily good at it.</p>
<p>Duct tape is the epitome of making things work when they really shouldn’t. Duct tape means, “Yeah, it’s broken, but it’s going to work anyway”.</p>
<p>I fail. Sometimes it seems like that’s all I do. Every once in a while I seem to actually do something right, often only to discover that in the process I messed up on something else. But in all of that, God’s grace is the duct tape that’s holding me together, and making it work when I can’t.</p>
<p>And someday I’ll wake up and discover that all of the little patches have changed into one whole new person and I really will be Silver Valkyrie. Until then, Duct Tape Valkyrie it is.</p>

April 17, 2009

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