GAPS Diet, Day 61

This morning started with carrot lettuce mango juice and hip pain. The hip pain started last night and lasted through to this morning, when I thought I was going to have a miserably unproductive day. I felt okay energy wise, but being in pain (again) was both frustrating and draining.

Thankfully, my hip popped back into place before I really got going on my morning, and has been fine since.

For breakfast I cooked up a little bit of hamburger and  reheated leftover squash fries. Eating them with olive oil wasn’t a problem, but I ate half of it before I added sauerkraut, and then just a forkful.

Lunch was leftover zucchini with tomato soup on top, again with olive oil and a forkful of sauerkraut.

Colton went out to pick up a quart of honey from the farmer’s market over his lunch break, so I had peppermint tea with honey after lunch. Win!

This afternoon I felt better than I had yet this week, and got some tidying up done and a sinkful of dishes washed. Also, maintenance was in and out dealing with a thermostat problem with our oven, finally replacing it with a different stove. The maintenance man commented that I could have milked the broken stove for several days worth of eating out if I’d just waited for the new part instead of trading in stoves.

I didn’t tell him that the day before I’d been in tears when my husband said that we would celebrate my getting off the GAPS diet by ordering pizza. Eating GAPS food isn’t terribly hard right now, just a few minor annoyances, but cooking GAPS food is getting tiresome. I’m trying to plan vacation food that’s fun, not too expensive, easy to fix, and GAPS legal and while I think I may have some ideas that will work out okay, that combination was frustrating to even try to contemplate.

Case in point: taco salad for supper. It turned out way good, and it was worth the work (especially since there were leftovers of most of the food I had to fix for it), but it turned out to be a bit more involved than I’d originally thought.

I made a variation on these grain-free homemade doritos (which turned out so well even Colton liked them). I cooked up meat with mushroom and onion. I shredded lettuce. I made avocado salad dressing (which emulsified so beautifully I’m wondering if there’s a mayo replacement possibility there). I made a variation on our favorite salsa recipe.

By the time I was done, my feet hurt, but I got to snack on cherries while I was cooking. And when I assembled my salad with some parmesan cheese… Not only did it taste wonderful, but it was like eating real, normal food instead of some weird dish I would only eat because I was on the GAPS diet. Taco salad made me very happy.

After supper I almost immediately got hit with a mild detox headache. I’m not sure if that’s because I increased my probiotic today, or some combination of that and lots of (antibacterial) garlic in the meal, or what. (Or maybe I just got my headache as a punishment for skipping sauerkraut with my taco salad. If so, it was still totally worth it.)

This evening I snacked on cherries. Rather a lot of cherries, actually… At this point I’m going to assume that I’m okay with fruit in general, and so I’m planning to have a pineapple banana (coconut milk) smoothie for breakfast tomorrow. (Without sauerkraut. In case you were wondering. This new yogurt aversion my stomach has is quickly getting old…)

And tomorrow afternoon I’m going to try some sharp cheddar. (Yay, cheddar!)

At that point the main things that still need to be introduced to get to full GAPS are just beans (white navy), vinegar, and alcoholic drinks (I’ve had sips here and there even through intro, so that may not need its own introduction day either). That puts me in full GAPS sooner than I’d estimated, so either I’m forgetting something now, or I overestimated to start with. (Technically I would still have to introduce seaweed to be at full GAPS, but while I’m not opposed to eating seaweed, I’m also not going and buying some just so I can introduce it.)

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